Section 13 Publication

Once you have conducted your systematic review, and potentially also conducted a meta-analysis, it is time to tell the community what you found and ensure the findings from your review reach your audience.

Be careful when interpreting the results; acknowledge sources of bias; consider heterogeneity, generalisability, and relevance.

It may help to use a GRADE Approach to rate the certainty of the evidence of preclinical animal studies, in the context of therapeutic interventions.

Report your systematic review in a way that allows reproducibility of the results and future updating.

13.1 Good reporting

We recommend following the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses (PRISMA) Guidelines. The checklist can be found here. In addition, we recommend using the PRISMA Flowchart to visualise the studies in your systematic review process. The PRISMA Flowchart template can be found here.